Banana juice

Bananas make a very good ingredient for a delicious fruit juice which can be part of your 5 fruits a day diet.

Because bananas are selected when they’re green, by the time they make it to the local fruit juice stand or supermarket, they’re still not very ripe.

Many bananas are even still green when they arrive to your store and should have a day or two before you’ll want to enjoy them, even though green bananas do not hurt you, in spite of what many people think. Also, bananas are really easy to find.

You are not required to wash them and you can just put one in your lunch bag and when you’re looking to eat it, just break apart and enjoy.

Banana Juice Recipe

You’ll need two ripe bananas, four dates and fresh milk. Mix all ingredients together with a blender and serve with ice for a delicious banana smoothie.

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