Fruit juices vs Whole fruits

Unless you’re staying in a or warm tropical country, it’s really difficult to get a good fruit juice.

Fruit juices are refreshing and tasty but they are not as healthy as the whole fruit. When a fruit is squeezed or pressed to make the juice, fibers, pulp, vitamins and other nutrients are lost in the process. Even 100% fruit juice are without doubt less nutrient dense than the whole fruit from which it came from.

If you’re living in a cold country, you usually depend on fruit imports; and by it’s time of arrival, you’re pretty much tasting stuff that are not at their best. That’s why those who can get nice and yummy fruit juice from your local market, you can be very appreciative of it, not for the reason of how the taste is great, but because of its health benefits.

Also, many fruit juices sold at the supermarket contain added sugar (sucrose or syrup) and only have a small percentage of the real stuff.

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